We help clients finding innovative solutions to solve business problems using wireless communications.
INNOVAS offers a one-stop-shop for all the bricks that will build your wireless product.

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Below are three incredible business problems we solved by proposing cutting-edge ideas based on digital technology and wireless communications.

In recent years there has been much discussion about cable free seismic data acquisition systems for the oil and gas exploration on land. Most of these discussions has been focused on the weights of the systems, battery management and whether real-time quality control is possible when using recording systems with extra large channel counts.

Cable free seismic acquisition also becomes mandatory for regions with extreme topography (rivers, lagoons, jungle, marsh areas, mountains, canyons, etc.) where access is very difficult and often very dangerous. In addition there are several large cities, roads, highways and numerous densely populated towns where for many years, 2D and 3D cabled seismic projects have engendered social unrest with resulting high levels of damage to and theft of the seismic acquisition equipment.

INNOVAS helped developing the industry only fully wireless seismic survey system that enables real-time acquisition of all geophones data. The system supports a large number of 250.000+ recording units with reduced weight and cost. This makes ultra-high channel count projects much more cost-effective.

Our involved technologies are:

  • IPC-100M-AS and IPC-1G-AX for flowing data between spread stations.
  • IPC-10G-AX for spread Lines wireless backhaul, with ultra-high throughput along with low power consumption.

As we move towards 5G, bandwidth demand is exponentially increasing due to the number of connected devices and subscribers, and the extremely growing demand for traffic.

Although high bandwidth requirement can directly be supported by resorting to an increased spectrum usage, the availability of very large chunks of spectrum is critical especially in cities. Moreover, operators don’t want, and often cannot, reorganize their frequency plans in order to liberate wider frequency bands and higher bandwidth spectrum.

We conceived and developed a microwave modem able to generate a very large number of microwave carriers, allowing for an interesting increase in link throughput. While traditional microwave radios use monolithic channels of 112MHz or 224MHz, and do channel aggregation in the analog domain, our modem does massive aggregation of carriers all in digital. Trunk radios require highly complex hardware filters and branching units to combine RF carriers at the final microwave frequency, our modem does it all in baseband, in a single full-outdoor unit. Furthermore, the number of aggregated channels is impressive, going far beyond typical 8+0 setup to achieve a record 128+0.

Furthermore, our microwave modem provides an optimal frequency channels utilization. Supported channel bandwidth starts from 3.5MHz up to 120MHz.

Our involved technologies are IPC-2G-AX and IPC-10G-AXM.

Application to CCTV video surveillance and real-time IoT sensing

Conventional mesh networks don’t scale, ours scales!

We built a dense wireless mesh network technology:

  • That offers high throughput and low latency to each network station.
  • That supports 1000+ simultaneous high throughput stations.
  • Where each station can be Fix or Mobile.
Our technology offers high throughput and low latency even for dense networks

Conventional and competing wireless mesh network products are often based on 802.11a, 802.11n transceivers and protocols. These network architectures Cannot Scale:

Competing mesh products suffer from ½ Bandwidth loss with each hop

LTE Uplink capacity suffers from deficit in highly crowded contexts

In competing networks, throughput deceases exponentially when the number network stations increase. As for the latency, it increases exponentially and the corresponding stationbecomes quickly unreachable. Our modems still offer high throughput and low latency to all network stations regardless their number.

Our technology is robust against wifi interference

Our modems, although emitting in the 5G to 6G ISM band, don’t influence and aren’t influenced by neighboring WiFi stations.

Competing modems have to share time and bandwidth with neighboring WiFi stations.

Each network station can act as an IOT Gateway

Inside each modem there’s a gateway service board that operates at all 433MHz / 868MHz / 2.4GHz ISM bands.
We garantee ultra-low end-to-end latency for linking to any network sensor.

This gateway can be used for:

  •  Sensors real-time data gathering.
  •  Objects remote real-time control.