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Radios and communication devices for Unmanned Vehicles and Robotics – Innovas-services

Radios and communication devices for Unmanned Vehicles and Robotics

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We develop cutting-edge communications and video streaming technologies for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs), and other unmanned robotic systems.

Our Speedair radios allow users to securely monitor, communicate and real-time access to video information, while operating in harsh environments.

We enable the creation of secure wireless networks for Analog and IP video streaming to ground stations, for ultra-low latency remote di-directional control & monitoring, and for tracking.

Active 360° Beam Steering (ABS-360)

Speedair radios feature a unique beam steering capability allowing each radio to communicate with any of its neighbors through narrow beams, whether at his right, left, up or down.

In addition, beam directions are actively updated to real-time follow vehicles’ location.

Longer communication range: +50KM Aerial

Narrow beams used for communication between Speedair radios actually confine the power emitted by the transmitting radio in the narrow space of the beam.

Conventional technologies use omnidirectional antennas where the same power is scattered throughout all directions.

This way, Speedair radios allow much greater distances.

Denser Network: +100 nodes

Network capacity increase cannot be reached without higher and more optimized utilization of existing spectrum resources.

Speedair supports the ability to increase the frequency re-use factor in a very considerable way.

You can form ultra-dense network while using few frequency resources.

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